Pioneering garlic growing at Eungella

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Eungella is situated 740m above sea level about 120km west of Mackay. The garlic adventure started a bit over 12 yrs ago with an idea and a 30kg box of Russian garlic from NSW. As year after year went by we slowly multiplied our supply of bulbs and built a small market.One year the crop was completely over grown by weeds as financial reasons took the labour away for a real paying job.
With Terry's determination approaching obsession, with backpackers, madness and some hired help, over the years we have grown to a small commercial size. with organic methods. There have been years when any sane person would have given it away.

Happiness is a big swag of garlic bulbs safely under cover
All our garlic is sown, grown, picked, topped, stacked and packed by hand, which is all very labour intensive.
Garlic, although easy to grow, requires very stringent conditions once out of the ground in its curing process. Humidity is a killer, and living in tropical Qld.....say no more, but we have soldiered on, conquering just about every problem that has come our way.
We have trialled many varieties over the years but have found our large, juicy, golden bulbs the most suited to our tropical climate. There is another variety, Glen Large, that we have successfully grown this season but are building up seed so hopefully will be on the market next year.

We are Wwoofer hosts

We enjoy the company of Wwoofers and depend on them for labour during planting and harvesting. For more information on the Wwoofer system click  here.